Why We Farm

This post is inspired by a series of videos that I watched this morning from a website called whyifarm.com I definitely recommend taking some time to watch these videos. It will bring a new perspective to that crazy concept called “farming”. One video that really stuck with me was this one:

It really gets you thinking about the different circumstances that bring you to what you are doing today. 5 years ago, our family never thought that we would be doing what we do today- milking cows twice a day? Raising calves? Milking goats? We knew absolutely nothing about any of this. But through a series of events, we somehow found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a maxed out operation. To think we used to call the vet out to do every single little shot and now we are practically our own vets. We are doing things that we never imagined possible, but this is all through God’s will. It’s amazing how He brought us here. At the time, we had no idea why we stopped in that nursery that day just to see a sign advertising milk goats for sale, or why we met the people we did in such a random way. But now, we can look back and see that it was just leading us to be able to live off the land, to be able to have the joy of what it feels like to be so close to an animal that you can look at them and know if something is wrong and, most of all, to have the joy & pride of what it’s like to work together as a family.
And then, one evening, the pulsator broke on our milking machine. And when you don’t have a replacement on hand, and you have to milk by hand, it’s not a good moment  for anyone. But, we got through it. And to think that God allowed that to happen just so that we would order a new one from a company and that receiving that product would plant the seed in our minds to start our own dairy and farm supply business- now that’s something.
Today, we are farther embedded in farming than we ever thought that we would be. And it’s only because of God’s incredible mercy and grace that it is possible. We are a happy family. We are hard working family. And, most of all, we are a God loving family.

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  1. I liked your comment about meeting some of the people you have met in such a random way. One of these days, when we finally get together for a leisurely dinner, rather than our shorter visits, I would love to share some stories of how I have met some people over the last few years, other than your great family. I sometimes reflect and it is so apparent that the Lord has put certain people in our lives and those people are the new good friends who are grounded and down to earth and striving toward the same goals of self sufficiency that we are. By the way, I understand exactly why you farm!! Mary Beth

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