0 thoughts on “What’s in Your Garden?

  1. We've planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and okra to can, and eggplant, squash, and onions to freeze or dehydrate. I can't wait to start canning again this year! I miss it during the winter.

  2. TexasGirl, it sounds like you are in the same planting zone as us! We have tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and eggplant in already. Can't wait for it to get just a bit warmer so that I can get the beans in the ground. And the watermelon and cantaloupe seedlings are coming up nicely!
    I'm with you- can't wait to fill all those empty canning jars!

  3. Living in New York state we can not plant until after Mother's Day… actually they say after Memorial Day! Sometimes we risk it but with the whacky weather we have had, I don't think we are going to chance it this year. Great to read about what everyone is planting.

  4. Allison- hope your weather warms up soon! We were back down to almost freezing again last night, so it's wacky everywhere this year. Maybe you can try some container gardening? Even if it's just a potted tomato! I would miss it if I couldn't gather a little something fresh in the summer months. Thanks for the comment!

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