Blowin’ in the Wind

I really enjoy walking outside on a breezy day and hearing the sound of the wind chimes clinking and clanking with the wind. It’s music in the air and seems to add to the wonderful feel of a cool (or hopefully somewhat cooler!) breeze.  
One of my favorite places to add decorative wind chimes is in the garden.  It takes some of the “work” out of pulling weeds when you see something unexpected!

This year as I was cleaning up outside after a very cold winter, I discovered an old Welcome sign that just couldn’t survive the freezes.  So I teamed it up with some parts I found in the shed, and here’s what happened!  

I hope this sparks an idea for you to decorate your garden and take some of the work out of weeds!

 These are the parts- the old sign and some things I found in the shed!
 I used a red primer spray paint, on an old feed bag, 
to paint all the parts prior to assembling.
I used some red and white cotton crochet yarn that I had left over 
from making dish cloths to tie the parts together.
The sign is hanging on an old, bent shepherds hook in the area 
under the Black Walnut tree, in the cilantro bed.  
What a fun surprise in the garden!

Have fun creating new things from old parts!  

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