Book Review- One More Last Chance

Coming back to Last Chance, New Mexico in this second of the series by Cathleen Armstrong is a desired, but difficult move for the main character Sarah Cooley.  Having been away, and having experienced let-downs and disappointments, she longs to return to the way things have always been in this town.  Little did she know that she would encounter Chris Reed, who is turning the town upside down.  The locals want him gone, but Sarah feels differently.  This book is all about the impact of people we meet and know, and how those relationships will affect us as we meet and know others in our lives.  

I did not read the first novel in this series, but I had no problem reading this second book.  The characters were easy to understand with the authors development of them, and the story line in this book stands on its own.  The twists and turns as this book takes Sarah and Chris through changes and into new territory are sufficient to keep the reader interested and looking for more from this author.  

Note- I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review.  

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