Got Flies?

I can hardly believe it.  The weather just warmed up and already I am finding flies in the kitchen.  Any of you who live on a farm know what I am talking about.  There just seems to be no way to keep them out in the summer months.  Yes, I have a really great hot pink fly swatter, but it’s so much better to stop them before they get in.  

Head over to our store, One Ash Farm and Dairy Supply Company, and learn all about Mr. Sticky products.  They are safe, effective and non-toxic.  We use an 81 ft. roll in our dairy and are seeing almost no flies around.  Hanging the single rolls by doors and windows can help keep those pesky flies out of the house.  

Click on this picture to visit the site, and let us know if you have any questions!  
(P.S.-  use the coupon code MayBlog for 10% off through May 31!)

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