Herbal Salve


Life on the Homestead always leads to scratches, scrapes, bruises and bites.  This is our favorite “go-to” salve whenever humans or animals need a little help healing.  While we don’t claim that it cures everything, we find that it provides anti-itch, anti-inflammatory properties, and we enjoy the benefits of natural healing!  

Herbal Salve from One Ash Farm Recipes
1/2 Cup Dry Comfrey Leaves 
1/2 Cup Dry Plantain Leaves (if plantain is unavailable you can substitute Calendula  
1 1/2 Cups Olive Oil
5 tsp. Beeswax Pastilles or Beads

1) Make an infusion with the olive oil and dried herbs.  
   There are a couple of ways to do this. 
   I use a small crockpot (that I picked up at a thrift store for a couple of dollars) and “cook” the leaves and herbs for about 3 hours.  
   You can also mix the herbs and oil and let it sit on the counter in a covered jar for 2-3 weeks.  

2) Strain the hot, infused oil through a fine mesh cheesecloth, into a pint size mason jar. 
3) Add the beeswax pastilles and stir until melted. (I use a bamboo skewer that is disposable)

4) Once the beeswax is melted and the mixture is blended, add 20-30 drops of rosemary or other essential oil and mix thoroughly. Pour your completed salve into a container of your choice.  

Have fun experimenting with Herbs and Salves!

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