How Does Your Farm Smell?

Well, here I go talking manure again!  Anyone who lives on a farm knows that there are certain “odors” that accompany our lifestyle.  But most of us just don’t even smell it anymore.  How many times have you had visitors to your homestead who ask “do you get used to the smell”?  

I grew up in a town in northern Colorado that was surrounded by feed lots.  We never smelled them (unless the wind was blowing from the north), but everyone who came to town commented on the aroma. While it’s not the case for every farm smell, there we used to just say “it’s the smell of money”!

If you live on a farm, take a minute and enjoy the aroma of your lifestyle.  Whether it’s the smell of money for you, or just the smell of happiness, it’s a true blessing from God that we are able to be stewards of our livestock.  

Have a Blessed Day!

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