It’s Just Fertilizer!

When we were walking through the pasture by the barn the other day, we started noticing just how much manure was spread across that barnyard.  Everything from chicken, to goat, to cow, to guinea, to rabbit, to the newly arrived young geese.  I mean, it was everywhere thanks to the times we have rotated animals through that holding area. Being farmers, we weren’t concerned with stepping in it, that’s just part of life here, and the reason we have shoes that only stay outside the house, so we just walked and observed. 

Then we started noticing the difference between that pasture grass and the other pastures. WOW!  Thick, dark green, and lush forage.  No wonder all of the livestock tries to sneak through the gates to get to that area!  Not only was that grass beautiful and full of nutrition, it was also cool and moist, unlike some of the other short and somewhat dry pastures.  I know the other areas have their share of manure being added, but here by the barnyard it is concentrated and has definitely made a difference.  All I could say as we walked through that beautiful pasture was,  “It’s Just Fertilizer” !   

What a blessing it is to have all of that natural product in our pasture.  Thank you to all the livestock that contributes!!

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