The Great Pyrenees- A Different Kind Of Dog

We just bred our oldest girl again, so it has prompted me to repost this blog.  We love our Pyrenees and really count on them to guard our livestock. Hope you find this helpful!

Okay. I’ve had many many people ask me what it’s like having a Great Pyrenees. So before I say anything else- THEY ARE GREAT LIVESTOCK GUARDIANS. But, I’m not going to lie to you. They are indeed a handful. And, if you’re anything like us, and only used to dealing with the “smart” dogs, such as German Shepherds and Poodles, you’re going to have to learn a completely new way of handling them. Here’s some tips that I have learned first hand:

1. You can’t beat the sense out of them. They like to know they are doing good. And they love to be praised. 
2. As above, they love to be praised! You have to tell them they are doing a good job!

3. Nobody messes with their animals. Great Pyreneeses are usually used as Livestock Guardians and they are very protective over who they are watching. Our girl, Skye, is out with the goats and calves and even when I go out I usually move her to a dfferent pasture so she doesn’t get upset. 

4. This is not true with all of them- but when she shows teeth, she’s not being mean- just submissive. Which is what you want!
5. The best way to teach them a lesson is to ignore them. Put them in their kennel or just refuse to talk to them. It does the trick almost every time. 

Of course, everyone has their own way to deal with their dogs, but these are the biggest things we’ve found when it comes to this breed! 
If you’re looking for a Great Pyrenees- happy dog hunting! If you already have one- happy training! And if you’re just reading, well- happy reading!!

2 thoughts on “The Great Pyrenees- A Different Kind Of Dog

  1. We have been loosing chickens to a dog that lives about 1.5 miles away and are looking at getting a pyr. Any recommendations on how to train them to 'stay home' and stay around our birds? Is this an instinct for them that they just know or is it a behavoir that has to be cultivated. Are they good at keeping other dogs out?

  2. Thanks for the question Mike. The best luck we have had is to raise the Pyrenees puppies right out in the pasture with the animals. They are born out there, and never know anything different. This kicks in that protective instinct they have, but makes sure they are protecting the herd they are living with. As far as keeping them home…..we have good fencing so they aren't allowed to roam. As far as keeping other dogs out, they are definitely guardians. There are videos out there on the internet showing them circle around coyotes and guarding their livestock at all costs. But again, the real key to it is making sure they grow up with and bond to the animals they are to protect. Have fun researching this wonderful breed!

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