Try This For Flies!

This year, we started carrying Mr. Sticky fly trap systems. And, let me tell you, they have been amazing. We have one in our dairy and the entire thing is covered in flies (see pic below). What’s really cool about the system is that it’s long enough that it will hold TONS of flies, unlike fly ribbons that you hang in your window. What happens is that flies will go get stuck on the wire and then other flies will go up to see what’s going on and they will get stuck too. After a while, you start cutting down on their reproduction cycles and wa-la you have less flies!

So, What exactly is “Mr. Sticky“?! Mr. Sticky is a non-polluting and non-toxic reel-to-reel method of catching flies! By getting it in your choice of just a single ribbon, 81 feet, 600 feet or even 1000 feet, you can twist and twine the ribbon all over your barn to catch flies and stop the life cycle. No more messy lines having to deal with dead flies because you just wind up the used tape and toss it in the trash! In an USDA test, it showed that Mr. Sticky caught an astonishing 92% of available flies.

Our Mr. Sticky system when we first hung it up in our barn.

Here it is about 2 weeks later before it was time to roll it up!
(Yeah, it was originally a white tape)

So… the question you’ve all been asking yourselves- “where can I buy one of these rolls?!”. Well, we carry them! You can check it out here.

(You can come back and buy refills when needed for all the kits, instead of buying a whole new setup.)
Have you tried Mr. Sticky? Let us know how you liked it by commenting below!

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