How Does Our Garden Grow?

I was so proud of the garden when we first got it planted!  We had a lot of manure to add this year, and kept a few cows in here throughout the winter. The chickens helped clean up last years garden as well.  We were blessed with finding a reasonably priced rototiller this spring, so the ground has been properly prepared. 

This end of the garden has the eggplant, lots of tomatoes, and the beans.  The watermelon, cantaloupe, squashes and cucumber will be planted when it really heats up! The roses along the fence line really added something.

At just 4 weeks, it’s amazing how quickly the plants grow with a little fertilizer and water!  The beans have started coming up, and it’s time to set up the strings for them to vine onto.  We use posts and recycled bale twine! Tomato cages are needed to hold up these prolific plants.  We have a good bit of old hay that we were able to put around the tomatoes as a mulch.  This will keep down the weeds and grass, and will also help hold in moisture. 

Today, at about 6 weeks, they just keep getting bigger! The tomatoes are starting to fill up their cages and we are starting to see some production. 

The green beans are starting to form- won’t be long now until I am canning them!

The beans are growing like mad!  Here are the Kentucky White working their way onto the recycled baling twine that we use.   Both these and the Rattlesnake beans will make a wall of green before we know it! 

Ready to start cooking Fried Green Tomatoes!

Even the eggplant are starting to flower!

This end of the garden has the peppers, lettuce, a small herb garden with Lemon and Bee Balms, and the potatoes!  Under the Black Walnut tree I will have cilantro, and try to get some last of the season arugula going.

Looking forward to the peppers.  Green Bell, Yellow Bell, Red Bell, Banana, Jalapeno and Cayenne!  The potatoes are flowering, and 
the Lemon Balm has already been harvested
to make delicious summer time tea!  If you missed
it you can find my recipe here on the blog or
at Refreshing Lemon Balm.

Cayenne Pepper- I will dry these and grind them up to have in storage. 

Banana Pepper- these are good cut up fresh on salads, sandwiches, and can easily be preserved by pickling them. 

I think that the flowers on the potato plants are beautiful!

We have really enjoyed having lettuce this spring, but I think it’s time to share it with the livestock now!

I found this unused spot at the end of the garden and decided it would be a great place for full-sun herbs. This will be a good spot for some calendula, basil, and some bright colored zinnias and dianthus!  This soil isn’t as well prepared, so it may be a challenge to get stuff going here. 

The herb triangle is coming along……on 1/2 of it.  It really makes a difference when the soil is properly amended, and here it is not.  I hope my basil continues to grow!  I will have to figure out what to put in the side that didn’t germinate.  A good experiment, and a good lesson!  I will definitely amend this for next year. 

I’m hoping the grapes produce enough this year to get some grape jelly.  If they last that long!  

The vining veggie section is starting to come along!  Zucchini, watermelon, canteloupe, cucumbers, and a few okra thrown in!  These big zucchini were the ones that I started in my Frugal Seedling Starting Station- read about it in my blog Frugal Seedling Starting Station.

Soon I will be overrun with these beauties, and will be sharing some recipes!

We are so excited about our garden this year, and love to share what we are learning, and the progress. Stay tuned for future updates, and recipes for all the delicious produce!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post at The Green Thumb Thursday Garden Blog Hop. We hope you will join us again this week.
    Your garden is lovely. Thanks for all the great photos. My garden is still fairly new so I love seeing what I have to look forward to. :)

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