Marigolds and Zinnias

Every year I wander through the aisles of my local nursery and ponder the possibilities with the variety of flowers they offer.  But it never fails, I end up going back to my old faithfuls- marigolds and zinnias. Both of these get repeat performances on our farm for several reasons.

 First, they can tolerate heat and full sun. Second, they don’t seem to mind our sandy soil. And finally, I can harvest their seeds to have for next year.   All of these are great reasons, but the best of all is that they are bright, colorful, a little old fashioned, and just plain pretty!

 I had two little “runts” from six-packs so decided to stick them in this pot outside the dairy. It doesn’t take many plants to get a color explosion!  See if you can find a spot for some marigolds and zinnias and enjoy!

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