Might as Well Face It I’m Addicted- to Jars!

Okay, I’m an addict.  I admit it. I love jars!  Everything from Mason, to olive jars, to coffee jars,  to gallon size, and any other jar,  I will find a use for it.   I know that my family may get frustrated with all of my jar hiding places- jars tucked away behind most everything in the kitchen, pantry and beyond.  But, I also know that they love it when they need a quick container and I hear the familiar,  “Momma, do you have something I can put this in?”.  And I know they love it when canning season comes around and I fill those jars with home grown goodness!  

Here are some of the ways we recycle jars here at One Ash- how do you use them?
-Canning, of course!  Our motto is, “If a ring fits, then use it”!

-To house dried herbs– both culinary and medicinal  

-Small jars work great to keep small amounts of paint that we need often for touch-ups around the Homestead

-Gallon jars are great for making sun tea and lemonade

-Varying sizes work well for herbal remedies such as salves, syrups, and tinctures

-To store leftovers in the fridge.  There’s nothing better than a jar of leftover homemade refried beans when we need a quick burrito for dinner!

-Writing supply storage as pencil jars, marker holders, and a place to store the labels I put on my herb jars

-Recycle those old candles by melting them down into a jar, add a wick, and create a jar candle

-Our favorite drinking glasses are a wide mouth pint jar

-1/2 gallon Mason jars are the only way we keep our raw milk from our cows.  Jars keep it so cold!

-Small jars work great as a holder for q tips and cotton balls in the bathroom

-Jars are a great place to keep Epsom salts, or Herbal Baths for that long, hot, bath after a hard days work on the farm

-A small jar makes a perfect bathroom glass

-Use assorted sizes for infusing herbs in oil to make salves, lotions,and other herbal goodies

-A tall jar filled with some fresh herbs and olive oil make a great gift

-Make your own salad dressing and store it in a jar- this works for all your homemade condiments

-Roll up paper napkins into a cone shape and put them into a pint jar for a quick napkin holder

-Glue on a little lace or ribbon around the top and you will have a cute makeup brush holder

-Make a fruit fly catcher- put a bit of apple cider vinegar in a jar, cover it with plastic wrap and poke 4-5 holes in the wrap with a toothpick.  Fruit flies will go in, but they can’t get out!

This is just a partial list of the ways you can recycle these all purpose containers.  Have fun collecting and using jars!

5 thoughts on “Might as Well Face It I’m Addicted- to Jars!

  1. We have and use a lot of jars too. We raises bees and so many of our jars get filled with honey. Friends tend to collect their jars and give them too me too but sometimes it can feel like I am getting to many – but usually when harvest season comes they all get filled.

    The jar that I am trying to figure out a good use for are olive oil jars. I have accumulated quite a stash and though I have turned them into cute vases to fill with flowers and give away and I have put homemade vinegar and tonic into them I still can't manage to use up the supply that I have from buying and using olive oil. They aren't so good for storing food or honey. Any suggestions?

  2. Well, Abbi, I think you have a great problem! Having too many jars is fun! As for your olive oil jars, I love the idea of using them for vases, oils and tonics. How about trying them for homemade syrups? Or even use a funnel to fill them with your favorite herb or spice? Or try putting a homemade bath oil or lotion in them. You really have me thinking about olive oil jars now! Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog!

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