Boy, Oh, Better Boy!

We have been growing tomatoes in our garden for, well, more years than we care to admit.  Each year we plant more than we think we need, plant a few different varieties,  everything from Roma, to Celebrity, to Heirloom, and we water and wait. And each year we get a pretty good harvest.  But this year, boy, oh, Better Boy!

These Better Boy tomatoes are some of the biggest and most flavorful, we have ever grown.  Sure, they have some cracks and spots on them, and maybe a little hole or two, but that’s to be expected when growing with no pesticides. Some of them are just down-right funny looking, and we wouldn’t want to eat them. With that said, there are plenty that are in great shape, ripe on the vine, and ready for the taking. And, honestly, with the size and amount of produce we are getting from these bushes, I don’t mind a few of them being thrown to the pigs! 
So what to do with the, already, 2 1/2 bushels of these gems?  We started with Fried Green Tomatoes (click here for our recipe), have enjoyed a whole lot of Pico De Gallo Fresh Salsa (click here for our recipe), and now it’s time to start canning them in all those jars that I’m addicted to (read about my jar “addiction” here). 

In any case, we will be enjoying these tomatoes for many months, making them truly a “better” type of tomato!

What is your favorite variety of tomato?  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Boy, Oh, Better Boy!

  1. I've grown Better Boy for years, and it always produces for me. Juliet is one of my favorites too. I use it like a paste tomato for sauces and ketchup, plus it's great for dehydrating and for slow-roasting.

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