The Stars of One Ash

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Nowadays you see a lot of homes with what are known as “Amish Barn Stars” hanging on doors, fences, and siding. Many years ago I decided that our home would look good with some stars hanging around. Here are some pictures of the One Ash stars~

Patriotic Star!
This is a unique metal star
These stars had a hole in the middle, so I hung them with a cup hook and use them to hang porcelain pans

Another of the pot holders
On the Pantry Door
Over the door knocker on the back door

The traditional Blue Metal Star

One thought on “The Stars of One Ash

  1. Great idea! I love these. I started painting barn quilts a few years ago, they are all over the place at our farm, barn, well house, dock rails, they really add some beauty, just like your stars do.

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