Fall Garden Cleanup




It sure seems like just yesterday that I was writing and taking pictures of the spring garden we had just planted.  Then I wrote in my winter prep blog about turning the geese loose in there to eat all the overgrown forage.  Well, those geese did their job and now it’s time to write about how we are getting the garden ready to try our hand at our first fall garden.  

Everyone tells us it’s time to plant beets, onions, kale and cilantro, among other things.  We are lucky here in South Carolina to have a fall growing season, so with a little help from our draft horse Mags, the garden is just about ready to plant.  More to come as it (hopefully!) grows! 

We had a few small, unproductive fruit trees that had been damaged
in last winters ice storm and were taking up valuable garden space.
Mags had no problem pulling those out for us!
Mags has some strong horse power for pulling out trees!
Time to take a break!


All the girls followed as Mags pulled the big debris to the woods
Putting that horse power to work to till up the entire garden!
After a little additional help from the tractor and drag,
the garden is all
tilled up, smoothed out and ready for fall planting!


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