Farm Into Fall ~ issue 8 ~ Fall Around the Ridge

Even though fall color comes a little later in the south, we start seeing signs of the changing seasons now. As I drive around the ridge, there are things that I see every year that remind me that Fall is here.  And I can’t help looking at some photos from years past.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures from our area!  

the Crepe Myrtles along the train tracks will soon be red
the trees around this pond are starting to show signs of yellow
every farm is lining up their winter hay storage
the sunflowers have stopped smiling at the sun
Bald Cypress like this one are starting to turn golden
the sun drops a little earlier over the Johnston water tower
the biggest trees seem to turn the earliest
unproductive peach trees are being burned, and replaced with younger trees
the corn has done all it can do for this year
one of our peaceful country roads
tree lines beyond fields are one of my favorite views
a country home with color
even the old abandoned homes still see fall color
Mile Bridge Road pond
One Ash in a previous fall

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