New Roof On The Old Barn

It seems like there is always a project to be completed on the homestead, some are just a little more challenging than others.  That was the case with the roof on our old barn.  For years we have watched it get worse and worse, and watched a few more drips inside every time it rained.  We even started finding pieces of it after strong winds.  It has been obvious that the roof needed replacing, but the “professionals” kept telling us that the entire roof structure would need to be rebuilt, and it was “dangerous” for anyone to go up there. This is an old barn, and we just couldn’t find the value in replacing the entire roof structure, especially at the prices they wanted to charge!  If you are a homesteader, or any kind of DIY-er, you know this kind of thing just makes you want to figure out how to do it yourself.  So, after many years, One Ash hubby and a hard working young man from our church did just that.

After much observation and discussion, the determination was made that the young man could safely start removing the old roof to see what the beams looked like.  It turned out that he was able to work on the roof without encountering any of those issues the professionals “warned” us about.  And just two work sessions later, the entire back side of the barn is re-roofed with long lasting metal. No one got injured, and the workers were well fed to support their efforts.  Now the feed will stay dry, the building won’t rot and fall down, there will be a place for the Berkshire Pigs to raise their babies when the time comes, and oh-so important is that the barn cat “Avi” will now have a dry castle.

I have to say that I believe wholeheartedly in the enterprising and hard working spirit of farmers and homesteaders.  Some times a professional is needed, but whenever you can do it yourself the results will not only meet your standards, but you will also be rewarded with knowing you have the skills needed to take care of yourself and your family.

Here are pictures of the roof-raising progress.  I am so proud of these two men for accomplishing this task, and love the new barn roof!

The old barn

Part of the old roof is gone!
Betsy and Juajita are wondering what’s happening
Betsy enjoys being a part of the project
Getting there
Looking ahead to the next days work
Losing daylight
The end of the first days work
At it again, and moving faster
One final discussion
Almost done

2 thoughts on “New Roof On The Old Barn

  1. That’s right! Don’t underestimate the skills of homesteaders and DIY-ers! Just look at how much you’ve saved up by doing things on your own, rather depending on professional services. While it’s true that their service could sometimes be a necessity, it wouldn’t hurt to try doing it yourself, especially if you’re confident that you can do it on your own. Anyway, your new bar roof is lovely! Any recent renos and DIYs you're busy with?

    Mathew Robinson @ Browns Roofing Company LLC

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