Fall Flower Surprises

Several months ago I was writing about the beautiful flowers and plants that we come to expect in the spring and early summer. I told you about my favorites, Marigolds and Zinnias.  Much to my surprise, our mild fall is allowing us to see those same Marigolds and Zinnias bloom again, as volunteer plants.  I have already harvested the seeds for next year, but the few I dropped have managed to grow and bloom in the same pot.  And there are several other flowers, and volunteers, that have decided to make one final effort before the cold of winter hits our area.  Here are some pictures of the bright spots I found around the farm-

I only expect this bright rose to bloom in the spring!
the confederate roses are reaching sky high for the last bits of warm sunshine
this volunteer is a repeat from over a year ago
this volunteer pansy is just getting started and should bloom throughout the winter
I hope you will take a walk around your homestead and
find some last of the season color! 

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