More Than Just Funnel Cakes- Fair Time !

It may seem like something that our grandmothers did,
but entering homemade goods in the County or State Fair is a 
tradition that I still enjoy.  Many years ago I was one of “those”
women who always entered, and always managed to get a ribbon.  
Then for many years I got caught up in the “world”, thinking that the
fair was all about Ferris Wheels, fried oreos, and just for the teen agers.
Somehow I had gotten away from the thrill of sharing those “old fashioned” skills 
and what I was able to make for the displays at the local fair.  Until this year!

Thanks to a friend of mine, I was inspired to get back
to the fair. So this year I entered a few things, and was so excited 
to see them placed where the fair-goers would see
that, yes, there are those of us who still know how
to can our own food, and love to create usable craft items.
And yes, I was blessed with the thrill of a few first
place ribbons.  That is something I will never lose
my childhood excitement over! 

I do hope that you have been able to either participate,
or visit, your local fair this year.  It’s a great place
to view traditions like canning, horticulture, livestock
stewardship and crafting.  I am already thinking about what I will create
to enter next year.  And I have been reminded that there is a lot more to the 
fair than the rides and the funnel cakes!

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