Rainy Day Laundry

Do you hang out your laundry on a rainy day?  Well, if you are like me, your schedule is tight, and there are only a few times in your week that you can get laundry done.  That was me this week! Monday is really the only time I can get those piles of laundry done, and guess what this week?  Rain and clouds!  But, out went the laundry anyway.  

I’m very blessed to have a porch, a line somewhat under cover there, and a great drying rack that I am certain I could never live without.  I will just wait for the sun to come out, and the humidity to go away.  The way I see it, the laundry is clean, and it will dry eventually, right?

Hope you are having a good beginning of the week- and that your laundry is drying!

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