Canine Companions

It’s the age old question… Are you a dog person or a cat person?  We are dog people. Oh, sure, we have a a couple of cats out there by the barn and they are awfully sweet and get along with the dogs and all the other animals. This one in the picture even thinks she can play with the goats and chickens, and has no regard for the “Beware of Dog” notice on this screen door. But bottom line, we’re dog people.

We have had many breeds come and go over the years, but we have always had German Shepherds and Poodles.  

Whether it was one of these two breeds, or others,  each one has had a working purpose or has served a great emotional need. There’s nothing quite like seeing a puppy when its first opening its eyes or bringing home that little bundle of love that you’ve waited so long to get. 


Our canines always bring us such great joy, right along with the puppy trouble and the things they can get into as “teenagers”.  They make us laugh, they make us smile, they can aggravate us,  and sometimes we find ourselves having full blown conversations with them. 
But mostly they just bring a lot of love and companionship into our lives. 

These sweet creatures also bring us heartbreak, and seemingly way too soon. We recently said goodbye to a wonderful companion who had been with us for 15 years. It can be so difficult to have to learn to live without the “tap tap” of toenails on the floor, the barks to alert trouble, and the sloppy, wet “kisses”. This morning when I went out and looked at her grave site, it was surrounded by about a dozen doves sitting on the ground. Thank you, Lord, for showing me that beautiful sight. I know that she is exactly where You planned her to be. 
Here’s to Phoebe Luna, and the others before you ~  may you always rest in peace.





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