Thanksgiving Menu

Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving?  Even though it comes late in the month, I feel like the year, and especially this fall, have just flown by.  

Thanksgiving is my holiday to cook.  I have never learned how to do it “small”, even though we only have a few folks here for dinner that day.  And I always prepare in the same way. This week, I wrote out my menu, and completed all of my shopping.  We have the same things every year- you would think I have it down by now since I’ve been cooking it for 24 years!  But I still write it all out, and put the list of items on the fridge to check them off as I prepare each one.  It would be terrible to sit down and have forgotten something!  And I shopped this week, because I don’t plan on going back to the store, or town, during the Holiday week! (and I definitely will never go shopping on Thanksgiving day, and most likely not that weekend after!)  

If you haven’t planned your meal yet, here’s a copy of our menu. It may give you some ideas!

One Ash Farm Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey– roasted with butter and garlic stuffed under the skin
Stuffing–  cooked in a separate pan, allowed to get crunchy on top 
Gravy– not giblets, just turkey gravy
Mashed Potatoes– with lots of butter
Yams with marshmallows– the traditional way
Fried Plantains– caramelized and gooey
Black Beans– an old family recipe
White Rice– must have for under the beans
Green Bean Casserole– the traditional way on the fried onion can
Lime Holiday Jello– with pineapple, carrots and walnuts
Homemade Rolls– with lots of butter
Pecan Pie– with whipped cream
Pumpkin Pie– with more whipped cream
Guava Paste, Cuban Crackers & Swiss Cheese– really the only dessert we need
I’m full just writing it all down!  
I hope you have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving week!



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  1. I also plan out my Thanksgiving Dinner, the only other thing I do is put out my serving dishes with the name of what it is have in it. I find that it works to be safe than sorry, trying to locate a dish at the last minute. Love your post's.

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