9 Ways to Make Money On The Homestead + A Giveaway


Everyone wants to make money doing what they love. For many of us, that love is homesteading. But, it gets expensive. Those feed bills rack up every week and it often seems like you’re getting nothing in return. Here are a few tips to help you make some money off your homestead.

1. Eggs– Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Everyone seems to sell eggs these days. This is a great source of income and something every homesteader should be doing. People love farm fresh, free range, pastured eggs. Wondering how to price your eggs? They range anywhere from $2-$5/dz around here. You can check out your local grocery store to see how much brown eggs are selling for.

2. Rabbits– Now, we haven’t had much success with rabbits breeding around our farm (I know, I know). But rabbits are a great way to add some income. You’ll want to consider two avenues here- meat rabbits, such as New Zealand Whites and Californians or pet rabbits, such as Holland Lops or Flemish Giants. Meat vs. Pet vary in prices. While a NZW might only sell for $5-$10 at weaning age, a Flemish Giant could sell $20-$30. We have some of both. Rabbits don’t take a ton of room, making them a good addition to the homestead.

3. Fruits & Veggies– People love to see where there food is coming from. Selling fruits and veggies off the farm seems to always be in high demand. Plus, growing fruits & veggies is like growing your own money!
4. Farmers Markets– If there are farmers markets around you and you can take the few hours every week to sell at them- I urge you to do so! You can easily sell things from your table such as handmade items, foods (fruits and veggies for example) and so much more. The sky is the limit. For us, we sell breads, milks, scarves, salves, wash cloths and a ton more at our local farmers markets. BONUS: Make sure to continue scrolling for a giveaway on the bottom of this page!!!

5. Teach Classes– Now, this definitely isn’t for everyone. But, it’s a good way to add some money to the homestead. Is there a certain area you love to talk about? Maybe how to raise chickens or how to trim goat hoofs? Consider teaching a class on one of these topics to add some money to your income!

6. Tours– Another thing that won’t be for everyone. But, if you feel comfortable with it, tours are an excellent way to bring in some money, while sharing your passion of homesteading with others. We love giving tours and focus on homeschooling families. The joy in the children’s eyes when they see the animals makes it all worth it!

7. Incubate Eggs- Have more eggs than you can sell? Try your hand at incubating eggs and raising chicks to sell. You can get an incubator for a reasonable price and chicks can sell $2-$5 each (average around here) at a day old, depending on breed. You can usually incubate around 50 chicken eggs at a time. Remember, you only have to buy the incubator once!
8. Make Soap– Do you already make soap for yourself? Try making some extra next time you make a batch and sell it! We sell bars of soap for $2-$3.9. Breed & Raise Animals– This is another must have for homesteaders. And really one of the largest means of income. Whatever you may have, be it pigs, goats, sheep, chickens or whatever- you can sell the babies for some added income. As an example, registered Nubian does at a week old sell for a good $300 around here.

As many of you know, we also do book reviews from time to time. We most recently received a copy of “Homemade for Sale: How To Set Up And Market A Food Buisness From Your Home Kitchen” by, Lisa Kivirist & John D. Ivanko and man, oh man was it great. Here’s our review (followed by a giveaway!)


Whether you are just wondering how you could go about starting a home-based food business, or you have doing it for several years, this is a great resource. In 221 pages, the authors cover topics such as the Cottage Food laws (what you can sell, where you can sell it, how much you can sell), creating business goals, marketing your products, creating your brand and what to do when your business really starts taking off- and you want to move up!

I absolutely love how easy to read this book is and how clear the authors make the “difficult legal stuff”, along with all their examples throughout the entire thing. Plus, scattered throughout the book, there are “profiles” of people who are doing the same thing. I love being able to read other people’s stories and feel like I’m really getting that one-on-one first hand experience. 

We have been selling food from our home-kitchen for quite a while now, but I still learned so much from this book, such as how to really organize my kitchen & learning what good ways there are to advertise my products. We learned so much and now we are over-the-top happy to be able to share this book with you! We are giving away a FREE copy of “Homemade for Sale: How To Set Up And Market A Food Buisness From Your Home Kitchen” by, Lisa Kivirist & John D. Ivanko!
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