Heirloom Seeds and Gardening

Mike the Gardener`s Seeds of the Month Club

They say the best gardens are planned in the cold months of winter.  This is when you actually have the time to remember what worked last year, what you enjoyed eating and putting up, and what you ended up wasting or giving to the animals.

As you are working on planning your garden, check out this source for seeds.  Mike the Gardener offers a great Seeds of The Month Club that will help you get started now, and keep you going all summer long.  The club includes shipments of open pollinated, heirloom varieties, in quantities that will be manageable for your gardening success.

We have lots of posts on the blog about gardening and summer bounty.  If you want to see pictures of our garden from last year, click here . As we get closer to gardening season, we will share current ideas, photos and results from our garden here at One Ash Farm & Dairy Homestead.  Stay tuned and start preparing now!

~we are a Seeds of the Month Club affiliate and may earn a small commission from any purchases. And for that we say “thank you” for helping our blog keep going!

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