Kitchen Mistakes

How many times have you been cooking something and suddenly realize that you either forgot an ingredient, mixed things wrong, or just totally blew the whole recipe?  When that happens here, we don’t throw it out, we use the opportunity to create something new!  After all, who, other than you, will know that you left out the bread crumbs, or mixed the topping of the cobbler with the fruit instead of putting it on top?  And who will know that the unique mix of ingredients in your pot pie was just a mistake that never became what it was intended to be?

I think the biggest, recent (almost) disaster was when I was baking bread for the Farmers Market.  I was so proud of getting up very early, making a HUGE batch of dough (10 loaves worth!), and just feeling accomplished.  But as the time went on, and the dough wasn’t rising, I got more and more concerned. After a long time, I stopped to retrace my early a.m. steps.  Low and behold, I had forgotten to add the yeast!  But, instead of throwing out the loaves, I baked them anyway.  When they were cool, I sliced very thin pieces, laid them flat on a cookie sheet and toasted them.  Surprise!  Now I had melba toast type crackers.  We even toasted a few of them longer and used them for doggie treats!

So don’t despair if you make a kitchen mistake!  We have found some of our best loved recipes have come from making mistakes.  Take advantage of the blunders, and become a kitchen creator!

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