Orange Peels~”Must-Have” Tool

Someone asked me the other day to name some of my “must-have” tools for the kitchen.  At the time it seemed difficult to come up with ideas.  Then last night I remembered what I think is one of the greatest inventions of all time!  

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Yes, it’s winter and that means oranges are in season.  I found a great bargain on them at the store yesterday so brought home a bag full of ripe, juicy, sweet naval oranges.  I have always loved and appreciated oranges for their flavor and fiber and vitamin C content, but when I was young I could not stand trying to peel one.  It seemed that if I was actually able to get the peeling started, the “white stuff” always landed under my finger nails, I had juice running all over my hands, and the sections were more of a mess than sections.  I tried the method of cutting the peel with a knife, cutting off the ends, you name it, I still struggled with the simple task of peeling an orange.  Then I discovered this magical little piece of plastic known as an Orange Peeler.  

This tool can be used by most any age- it cuts the peel but isn’t sharp like a knife, so even young hands can use it.  Here are some pictures of me using my orange peeler.  

Orange Peels (1)
Orange Peels (2) (2) (1)


Want to buy one of these little gems?  Click here for a link to all the options!  



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