Planting Plantain

Either it is a really mild winter here in South Carolina, or I am just itching for gardening season!  

A few weeks ago I very unexpectedly found some wild Plantain growing in what was to become a new pig pen.  Plantain is something that I wild-harvest all summer, and never even think about looking for in the winter. So needless to say, I was so happy and surprised when I found these plants.  So, knowing how much Plantain I use and harvest for our salves, and knowing that those Berkshire Pigs were headed to destroy that pen, I pulled out the tiny plants and took them to an empty porch pot to see if I could save them.  I had a friend tell me they wouldn’t grow, and my family thought I was being silly.  But here we are some time later, and I have new growth on these little plants!  What a blessing to be able to find this sort of life in the middle of winter.  If you are feeling the winter-blues, see what kind of life you can find-  it’s sure to be where you least expect it!

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