Purposeful Prayer Shawls

There is nothing more relaxing than a cold evening, sitting on the couch by a roaring fire, with One Ash hubby in his chair, my poodle baby laying next to me, a nice hot cup of tea, One Ash daughter nearby, and a crochet hook and yarn in my hands!  Crocheting is such a stress reliever for me.  I learned how to crochet from my MiMi when I was young, but really got away from it for a long time.  Several years ago, I decided to pick up a hook and yarn again, and from there I have enjoyed many hours and winters creating straight line, color and texture interesting items for our home, to wear, for gifts and for markets. Note, I said straight lines.  
No, I don’t follow patterns, and I don’t use fancy stitches.  Yes, I learned to do those things, but now I find it more rewarding to work with color and texture over the complexity of a pattern.

One of my favorite things to crochet is a Prayer Shawl.  I have made a few for myself over the years, and love these purposeful items.  The history of the Prayer Shawl is vast, and there are many websites and sources to tell you about the spiritual experience of making, wearing and sharing a Prayer Shawl. As for my personal experience, I enjoy the creations that the Lord gives me the ability to make. There are never two exactly alike, and I always end up with something that literally and spiritually wraps me in warmth. I wear it when relaxing, and during my quiet and prayer times. Even though I have an idea of what I am hoping to make, it is always a special treat to see the finished product and know that I was given the talent to make something so useful. 

Since every shawl that I make is different, there is no exact pattern for me to share. Here are my general directions, but even better, you can find a great selection of books on making Prayer Shawls through this link

One Ash Farm Prayer Shawl Pattern~

*crochet a chain that is long enough to wrap around your shoulders 
and arms, the length you would like your shawl
*use a single, double, or combination of, stitches to make
your shawl to the width you would like it
*finish off your shawl by stitching an alternative color around all the edges, 
adding and extra stitch in each chain to create a subtle ruffle

That’s how I make a Prayer Shawl!  I hope you find enjoyment in creating your own special shawl!

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