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Welcome to all of our new followers! We hope this post finds you doing well during this new year. This will be a longer post, but we wanted to give you some of our story, for those that are new here. Enjoy & we’re glad you’re here!
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Welcome to our homestead! One Ash Plantation was built in 1888. The home, which was owned by the original family until 1962, has been a landmark for the area throughout the years. From being the home to a Confederate Civil War soldier, to the post office for Plateau, South Carolina in the early 1900’s, a boarding house for workers at the newly built Savannah river site “bomb plant”in the 1950’s, as well as a well-known hog farm for 4H and FFA students during the 40’s and 50’s. The 60 foot tall Aermotor windmill has been the most prominent landmark. While the mill doesn’t currently pump water, it was the water source for the Homestead when it was installed in 1938. We had a new 10 foot diameter mill installed in 2004, and many old- time locals stopped by to tell us stories about the place.
When One Ash was purchased by a local farmer in 1962, the farm was used to grow cotton and the home became dilapidated. Later purchased by our family, we have learned to love and appreciate the history and intricacies of our Homestead. We have been blessed by having the opportunity to add to the history of One Ash Plantation.
While we have extensive experience raising farm animals prior to moving to One Ash, our current homestead started with only a couple of horses and some chickens. Throughout the years that we have lived at One Ash we have raised all of the typical farm animals. We have raised sheep with up to 40 head at any one time. Lambing season is always such a joy when the newly born lambs jump and frolick in the fields!

The best additions to the farm have been when we had the opportunity to begin our dairy operation thanks to some wonderful friends of ours who run Dairy Goat Farms in the area. We started with our Nubian goat Hannah, added our Nubian goat Charlotte as well as several Registered Nubian does,and a buck.

Learning to milk, process milk, make cheese and other dairy products, along with the commitment of twice a day milking responsibilities was initially a bit of a learning curve but we came quickly to embrace the blessings of that time spent working together as a family.

Shortly after starting with our dairy goats my husband felt a strong conviction to move into dairy cattle. Only from the Lord’s blessing did we find our first Jersey dairy cow, Juajita. She has been the queen of the farm ever since! The only challenge to having Juajita was that we had 3 to 4 gallons of milk every day- one family certainly could not drink that much! 
I made a lot of cheese, our own butter, whipped cream and other dairy goodies, but we still had leftover milk. The idea came and the decision was made to try bottle raising day old calves. Once again we were blessed and were able to find an outlet to purchase young day, to a few day-old, calves. Our daughter, Alex, uses the excess milk to bottle feed them until the point of weaning and then she sells them. As a matter of fact, she got so good at doing this we had to add our second dairy cow Dixie. Dixie’s a Holstein/Jersey cross and gives us even more milk than Juajita! But never fear, more calves keep coming and now we are up to 4 dairy cows with the last additions, Jersey’s named Maggie & Betsy. In March, our now pregnant heifer, Molly, will be joining in the lines. 

Over time, we decided to take a leap of faith and become a dairy and to sell milk to the public. We still bottle feed calves, but are now a DHEC inspected and licensed Grade A Raw Milk dairy and sell almost every drop, either off the farm or at local farmers markets. You can visit our farm website for all the info here.

We continue to have our registered Nubian goats but only milk our goats for a short time and allow them to nurse their twins and triplets! 

We also have Berkshire (and Berkshire X) Hogs. We just had piglets born on the farm and are expecting more in the coming weeks.
 We breed many pigeons, more chickens than we can possibly count (both meat and egg), numerous guineas that are wonderful watchdogs and insect control, as well as those horses still hanging out! We recently acquired an Amish-retired draft horse and she has become a star on the farm. We use her for everything from working the field to riding. You can see her working our field in the video below:
We spend our free time canning, baking, learning about farming, enjoying our Toy poodles, German Shepherds, and Great Pyrenees and in fellowship with other Homesteaders.

As we have progressed with our homestead life, God has made it clear to us how important it is to have a community of friends and supporters for every question and every new idea. That’s why we were convicted to create our online business, One Ash Farm and Dairy Supply Company, to help our fellow homesteaders and all the families out there that are looking to create multi-generational homesteading for their families future. Through our business, we sell thousands of products, from milking equipment to butter churns to herbs to essential oils.

If you’d ever like to order one of our products or simply talk about homesteading we are here and would love to hear from you.

God bless and thank you for visiting our blog!

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