Homemade Yogurt

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Chances are your family loves yogurt. It seems that most households keep at least a few of those little containers in their fridge for a quick snack, lunch or dessert.  Well, did you know that you can make your own yogurt for just a fraction of the cost, and it’s SO much healthier?!

Store bought yogurt is certainly convenient and easy to just pick up as you walk through the grocery store. But have you ever looked at the label to see what has been added?  The most familiar and popular brands have ingredients added that you may not want. Pectin, sugar, artificial flavors and “exclusive probiotic cultures” are typical on the ingredient label of the big name yogurts.  One company even admits to using carmine to give its fruit “flavored” yogurt its pink color.  Don’t know about carmine?  Well it’s a dye extracted from cochineal insects, beetle type bugs that are native to Mexico.  I don’t want bugs in my food if I can avoid them!

Homemade yogurt on the other hand has just what you put in it.  Milk, a starter culture, and that’s it until you add toppings.  Homemade yogurt is just milk that has been fermented by strains of lactic acid producing bacteria.  While many diets consider dairy to be an “iffy” item, yogurt is on the good list because of the beneficial supply of natural probiotics and enzymes, necessary for proper digestion and digestive tract function.  The good bacteria found in yogurt may help make you feel fuller, may aid in calcium intake, and may help kill off certain types of infection.  While I am certainly no medical expert (you can talk to yours if you want professional advice!), I know that our family feels better when they eat the yogurt I make. There are several ways to make your own yogurt- here’s how I do it:

Yogotherm yogurt maker
Homemade Yogurt 
from One Ash Farm Recipes
1/2 gallon fresh Raw Milk (cow or goat)
6 tablespoons organic plain yogurt 
(this is your starter- you can also buy dry starter that you mix with milk)
Heat the milk over a medium heat to 180°
stirring often to avoid scorching
Quickly cool the milk to 118° 
(I place my pan into a bowl of ice water to do this)
Add your culture and stir until well blended
Pour your mixture into the Yogotherm pail and
put the pail into the outer insulated container
Leave on the counter undisturbed for 8-12 hours
(overnight works best for me)
Refrigerate, then add whatever you want and enjoy!
(if you don’t have a Yogotherm, you can buy one here)
Although I haven’t tried it, I have been told you can also incubate
your yogurt in the oven-  place the mixture into mason jars
with just the oven light on overnight.  I just love the convenience of
my Yogotherm and know it has paid for itself many times over.  You
can also find other types of yogurt makers that work very well here.
Once your yogurt is ready you will want to have fun adding all sorts
of things- fruit, nuts, honey, anything you can think of!  Here is my 
favorite way to eat my homemade yogurt- it’s filling and gets
the day off to a great start!
Breakfast Yogurt from One Ash Farm Recipes
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Top your plain yogurt with 
~crumbled Kashi Organic Autumn 
or Cinnamon Harvest cereal
~Chopped Walnuts
~drizzle with Local Honey

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