Peach Peel Jelly


WAIT!  Don’t throw away all of those peach peels and pits!  They have a great future as flavorful, delicious Peach Jelly!  

If your homestead is like ours, we don’t like to waste anything.  I am all for using every part of every item, and that comes to my peaches!  After making all of the other great peach items that we have posted, take those peach peels and pits and turn them into a great alternative to traditional grape jelly! This is so good on PB&J, and makes a great breakfast addition to homemade biscuits or bread!

Here is the recipe that we use, enjoy!

Peach Peel Jelly

Put all of your peach peels and pits from other recipes
into a large kettle and barely cover them with water.
Bring this to a boil and cover and simmer for 30 minutes.
Let this mixture stand overnight. 

Strain off the juice through a cheesecloth lined strainer.
Now you can take all those used peels and pits to the compost pile.
Measure the amount of juice you have.

Based on the amount of juice you have, measure out
1 cup of sugar for each cup of juice.
Use 1 package of powdered pectin for each 3 cups of juice.

Add the pectin to the juice and bring it to a hard boil.
Stir in the sugar and boil rapidly until the mixture
reaches 220°.   Skim off any foam.

Pour this into hot, sterilized jars, and seal with 
hot lids and rings.  Wait for the “ping” and then
store your cooled jelly for a winter day!

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