The Ultimate Wedding Shower Game



The ultimatewedding shower (1)So, one of our really good friends is getting married! Our church threw the wedding shower and I was put in charge of finding a game to play (oh my). Everyone hears about memory games being played and it’s a (semi) easy thing to throw together. So, that’s what I decided to go off of. Since we knew she needed a lot of kitchen supplies, we decided to go with a kitchen theme. With the help of a good friend, we put our heads together and came up with this awesome memory game! 
First off, we decided that whatever items we chose for the memory game we wanted to give the bride-to-be as her “first gift” after it was all said and done. Since we knew we wanted kitchen stuff, this was pretty easy. We got things such as measuring cups, spoons, spatulas, etc (full list below). 
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We went to some local stores (anywhere you can find kitchen stuff) and gathered all the items. We wanted everything to be consolidated together, so we got a cookie tray as the base and got a pretty bowl to house some of the spoons and what not on top of the tray. We had 25 total items:
1. Cookie sheet
2. Bowl
3. Flour (small bag)
4. Chocolate chips
5. Measuring cup (Large)
6. Set of small measuring cups
7. Baking powder
8. Timer
9. Rubber spatula
10. Wooden spoon
12. Small metal spatula
13. Silicone spoon
14. Egg separator
15. Scraper
16. Spaghetti spoon
17. Pastry brush
18. Kitchen scissors
19. Condiment bowls (2)
20. Cookie cutters 
21. Oven mitts
22. Pizza cutter
23. Grater
24. Whisk
25. Flour sack towel

We used the flour sack towel to cover the tray. When we were ready to show everyone the items on the tray, we uncovered it and laid the towel on the side of the tray (so it became an item). We gave everyone 2 minutes to take a look. Then, we covered the tray back up and gave everyone a piece of paper and a pen. We gave them about another 2 minutes to write down everything that they could remember. When we called time, I called off a list of everything that was on the tray and told them to keep track. The winner got a prize (a bath soak I made). What made this so much more special was us being able to give the whole tray full of items to the bride-to-be! 


This was such an easy game to put together- and fun, too! Do you play different games? What are your favorite ones? Comment below and share! 

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