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Anyone who follows the blog or knows me is aware that I enjoy learning about and living with many of the Amish culture ways of life.  So, having the opportunity to read a diary of an Amish woman sounded like something I just could not pass up.  And reading My Life as an Amish Wife, by Lena Yoder, has been nothing less than fulfilling!

The Amish are a very quiet culture, separated from the world, so to be able to learn about their way of life usually takes a lot of reading, research and travelling.  But this book, My Life as an Amish Wife, offers great insight into the life of the Yoder family in an enjoyable, very easy to read format.  I spend most mornings reading along with my breakfast, and this book has been my morning companion for a while now.  I have actually had to pace myself with this one!  I could have easily devoured every word in a day or two, but because I have enjoyed the book so much, I have limited myself each morning to just a few pages so that the experience would last longer.  (my family always laughs at me because I do the same thing with sweets and candies!)  

As a homesteader, there are many aspects of my life that can relate to the stories that Lena Yoder tells in this diary. Everything from being worn out at the end of a hard days work, to having to chase in a loose bull, or mourn over the death of a loved animal.  There have been many mornings that I have thought ” this book is my life!”.  The combination of life’s daily chores and challenges, along with Mrs. Yoders strong faith, have provided me inspiration and encouragement.  The way she turns the mundane and monotonous daily chores into a blessing for herself and her family are a message many of us could learn from.  

I am thrilled to have had the chance to read and review this book.  It is going straight to the top of my “favorite books” list!!!

~I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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