Book Review- American Woman’s Bible

american womans bibl

Writing this book review is a little odd-  how does one go about reviewing the Bible?  Well, it’s certainly not about content or writing style.  In this review of American Woman’s Bible- NKJV, from Thomas Nelson publishers, I have had the opportunity to look at the bible from a different perspective.  

Throughout American history there have been many God loving, and virtuous women that have made an impact on our country.  This bible is interspersed with stories about the roles of these women from the American Revolution and forward. Included in the 70 biographies of women in history are favorites such as Louisa May Alcott, Flannery O’Connor, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Fanny Crosby and Coretta Scott King. As a guide to a woman’s journey to Godliness, this NKJV version keeps with the true guidance and word of God. Also included for personal growth and study are ten vital steps that lead a woman to godliness, beginning with the basics of Proverbs 31.  There are also useful inspirational quotes from or about great American women. 

This bible is an amazingly interesting study of how biblical virtues helped build the legacy and heritage of American women in history.  There is hope and strength in these stories of perseverance and humility. American Woman’s Bible would be a great addition to any home school history courses or as a gift for women younger or older.  No matter where a woman is in her walk with Christ there is something to be gained from this bible version. 

~this bible was provided to me by the publisher, Thomas Nelson, in exchange for my review. 

Would you like to know how to purchase this bible?  Click here!

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