6 {Easy} Things To Do With Raw Milk


raw milk 6 easy 2We get people all the time that ask what they can do with raw milk. Well, you can drink it but, did you know, that you can do a lot of other stuff with it too?  Here’s our short list of easy things you can do with raw milk- and some resource links to give you even more information!

1. Make Cheese – The best part about this is that making cheese doesn’t even take that much effort. Yeah, the ones like Cheddar and Blue Cheese take time, but you can easily make a soft cheese in less than an hour! Plus, with soft cheese, you can add all kinds of different things, so it’s almost like having a different cheese each time you make it!  Here is our easy recipe- soft cheese recipe.

2. Make Butter– With our 4 step recipe on making butter {in a food processor}, you can whip up some of this delicious goodie to go on your fresh bread in no time at all!’

3. Make Yogurt– Raw milk is already filled with good enzymes and probiotics- how about making some yogurt? This one takes a little more time, but you can make it and leave it in your Yogotherm overnight! 

4. Use the Whey- There are a million different ways to use whey! If you have animals on the homestead like hogs or chickens, they are good guys to give it too! Some recipes also call for whey, so you might want to save it (maybe in a mason jar) for a rainy day. There’s a great book called The Whey Prescription that tells you more about the benefits of this milk by-product! 

5. Make Kefir– This is one of the easiest ways to improve your “gut” health!  Grab some raw milk, add your kefir grains and you’re own your way!  The Nourishing Traditions cookbook from Weston Price is one of the best resources we have found for teaching you all about kefir and “gut” health

6. Make Sour Cream– We actually just made some of this last week… Check out the recipe here! Sour cream is a great thing to always have on hand, especially in our house!

What do you do with your raw milk?  Feel free to comment and share so we can all learn more!  

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