The Easiest Raw Milk Ice Cream

Raw Milk Ice Cream

Love homemade ice cream but find most recipes to be too complicated? Don’t want to separate cream, measure, mix, cook and then wait to cool before freezing?  Then you have GOT to try our SUPER EASY homemade ice cream recipe!  Of course, we use our own Raw Milk (from our dairy,, but you should find a good amount of cream on any raw milk you use.  Hope you enjoy!!

The Easiest Raw Milk Ice Cream

8 cups cold, raw milk

(don’t shake your gallon first, you want to get all the

cream off the top to use in this recipe as a part of your 8 cups!)

1  1/4 cup sugar

2 TBS. vanilla

2 pinches sea salt

Dump all this into a bowl.  Whisk until the sugar is dissolved.

Pour into the hopper of your ice cream maker and freeze per the 

directions for your ice cream maker!


PS-  we love to top ours with some of our homemade No-Pectin Peach Preserves–  YUM!

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