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If you haven’t planned your meal yet, here’s what’s on the Thanksgiving menu at One Ash.  I’ve been cooking this same menu for the past 25 years (has it really been that long? eeek!).  It hasn’t changed much over the years, and I love to cook for this holiday!  I hope our menu gives you some new (or traditional) ideas!  And, of course, we have a LOT of other recipes here on the blog for you to try!  (and I’ll be sharing new ones throughout the holidays, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to see them!)

One Ash Farm and Dairy Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey– slow roasted and basted, with butter and garlic stuffed under the skin
Stuffing–  cooked in a separate pan, allowed to get crunchy on top 
Gravy– not giblets, just turkey gravy
Homemade Cranberry Sauce–  here’s my recipe
Mashed Potatoes– homemade, with lots of homemade butter
Yams with marshmallows– with the marshmallows golden and toasted
Fried Plantains– caramelized, sweet, and chewy-gooey 
Black Beans– an old family recipe from Mr. One Ash’s mother 
White Rice– for under the beans (by the way a rice cooker is a must have!) 
Green Bean Casserole– the traditional way, recipe on the fried onion can
Lime Holiday Jello– with pineapple, carrots and walnuts, just the way my mom always made it
Homemade Rolls30 Minute Rolls, with lots of butter
Pecan Pie– with whipped cream
Pumpkin Pie– with more whipped cream
Guava Paste, Cuban Crackers & Swiss Cheese– really the only dessert we need
I hope you and yours have a blessed and grateful Thanksgiving!
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