Book Review- Charlie The Tramp


This classic story,  Charlie The Tramp, has just been re-released to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary!  And just in time to be a story of life lessons and coming of age for young children.  After all, they can relate to Charlie’s desire to become a tramp. Who wouldn’t want to just head out with no responsibilities, enjoying life as it comes?  Sure, Charlie needs to do a little work now and then to eat, but in the meantime he gets to have an adventure. But what happens when Charlie here’s the trickling water?  Does he just continue on with his carefree tramp life?  Or does Charlie do what his parents have taught him?  Charlie The Tramp by Russell Hoban and Lillian Hoban tells a sweet and encouraging tale of how we parents can influence and properly raise our children.  This is an easy read story with beautiful illustrations.  A great gift for children, parents, grandchildren, and grandparents!

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