8 Ways to Cope with Mud On The Homestead

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No matter where we live or what our climate, our homesteads are going to experience mud. Winter for some means snow and ice….which eventually turns to mud.  For others winter means a lot of flooding rain…..which turns to mud.  As a farmer and homemaker, mud can be one of the most difficult things to deal with.  Here are 8 ways that we cope with mud on the homestead- how do you deal with mud on your homestead? 

  1.  Boots.  This is first and foremost.  While mud on the homestead affects all the feet that live there, the human feet need to be protected before we work on taking care of the others.  I love the old pair of Sloggers that’s in the picture to keep my feet dry and comfortable.  Mr. One Ash prefers his insulated waterproof boots.
  2. Door Mats.  Whether it’s entering the house or the dairy or barn, door mats will help keep the mud off the floor.  That is if you can get everyone to wipe their feet!  I really like the rough texture and waterproof backing of these mats to help keep my porch and inside cleaner.
  3. Microfiber Towels.  No matter how hard you try, mud seems to get everywhere.  I love these microfiber towels for cleaning off everything from doorknobs to door jams to dog feet!  
  4. Brooms. Okay, this may seem like a given when you live on a homestead dealing with mud.  But after trying many different products, I prefer a good ole corn broom to sweep up the worst messes.  The stiff bristles and the warm feel of the wooden handle make me feel like I am really getting some cleaning done!
  5. Boot Scraper.  When the mud is stuck by the heal of the boot, on the sides, or it just won’t come off the sole, a boot scraper is in order.  There are lots of different kinds out there, but I love this one with all the brushes.  It really cleans, is easy to wash off, and helps keep the mud outside!!
  6. Hoof Picks. This one is for the horse, goats, cows, sheep….whoever is having a hard time walking because of mud in their hoof.  This one has a brush as well as the pick so it works well on all the four-legged friends on the homestead.
  7. Massager.  Come on now….you know it’s true.  It’s not always easy to walk in mud and sometimes you end up, well, on your booty! That means achy backs and necks.  This neck/back massager is wonderful to help get rid of those aches and pains from a minor slip.
  8. Towels.  There’s nothing like a good hot shower or bath after you get in from dealing with the mud.  Fluffy, thick towels like these feel like a little reward for making it through the muddy conditions!

It’s been muddy around here and all of these things have really made it easier for us.  This list should help you out (and reward you!) during your muddy season, too! 

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