Dear Homesteader- I Know It’s Hard

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Maybe you’ve been a homesteader for a week…maybe 20 years. Either way, you’ve probably already realized that this whole “homesteading” thing isn’t quite as romantic as you thought it would be. Trust me, I understand

Don’t get me wrong- homesteading, farming, whatever you may call it, is a beautiful thing. It is, for lack of a better word, amazing. 

But, sometimes it’s just downright hard.

There’s the blood, dirt, and sweat from a long day of work.

The tears from a pained body.

The heartache after you’ve lost your favorite animal.

No matter how long you’ve been in farming, you can assuredly relate to something above. 

Unfortunately, you didn’t think about these things being a part of it when you started.

That’s the thing-  nobody tells you how hard it is.

They don’t tell you that it is straining- both emotionally and financially. 

Maybe it’s simply because farmers these days know that we need new farmers to start up, for the sake of our food supply.

Maybe they just don’t want to scare us away by telling us about the bad parts…when the good parts are so good.

Whatever the case, there are days when you feel that nothing you do is right. What do you do then?

Have Faith. On a tough day, one of the very few things that gets me through is simply having faith. I know with all my soul that whatever trial I happen to be going through at the current moment, there is an ultimate reason. Perhaps that reason is to teach me a lesson for a future situation or to make me stronger for tomorrow.

Look Forward. If you’re anything like me, you have goals for the farm. There are things you want to do & accomplish. No matter what’s going on today or how much of a road block your current situation is, keep those goals at the forefront.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others. As humans, we have this tendency to want to look around to see what other people are doing. You see that you’re friends just put up a new barn and you’re sitting here with one that’s falling down. You know what? That’s okay! When the time is right, all the pieces will come together and you’ll get that new barn. Stay focused on your accomplishments, and not those of other people.

Reach Out. Whether it’s on social media or in person, reach out to people you know that may have advice or wisdom on what you’re dealing with. Oftentimes, seeing that we are not alone helps tremendously with getting us through.

You’ll soon realize that we all have our days but, trust me, you’re not the only one who wants to give up (or go cry in a corner!).

No matter your situation, don’t give up- keep the faith and keep moving forward.

Remember the important part you play in this world- even if you’re not yet producing anything.

This world needs more farmers and homesteaders don’t give up your chance to be one.

What keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

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3 thoughts on “Dear Homesteader- I Know It’s Hard

  1. Truer words were never spoken. This path can be a hard one. It all comes back to the love of the land. We are senior homesteaders and it gets physically harder every year. My husband and I are 65 and 70 and while we love our homesteading lifestyle, its getting harder every season. I’d love to hear how others have managed to stay homesteading in spite of aging. Some of my friends have taken on a apprentices, most with “iffy” results (One got a great couple for four years then had a series of people who stole from them, did drug etc.) Some have turned the farm over to the kids. I don’t know the answer to this dilemma when one had no kids to turn the homestead over to. Ideas anyone? Donna at the Small House Homestead

  2. Beautiful post, such truth! It is hard, and sad, and it hurts. But I still love it. I love it all. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop, I shared on Facebook!

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