Why I Write This Blog

Why I Write This Blog

Why I Write This Blog

Do you like what you read from One Ash?  I hope so, but a few things are changing and you will need to re-subscribe to keep up with the latest posts.  Please read about Why I Write This Blog and decide if you want to stick with us. You can click on any of the highlighted links if you still want to be part of the community!

There are a log of bloggers out there that are trying to make a living from their blog.  That’s not me. Sure, I have some ads and some affiliate links to earn some commissions, but those don’t always even cover the costs of keeping this blog going.  For me, writing this blog is something of greater value, more emotional.  It’s about giving and teaching. It’s about sharing what I experience, what I believe, and what I learn with a group of folks who are truly interested in reading what I have to say.  It’s about having a community of people who are equally yoked in many values and ethical beliefs who will read, learn and share. My blog is not about trying to have a million followers, or about being able to post how I made thousands of dollars this month blogging.  I have always loved teaching others and I have always kept a journal.  This blog is my way of combining both of those loves.  I believe that God has given me a bit of talent in both areas of teaching and writing so that I can help others understand. For me, this blog is my mission field to be able to use those talents.

So, with that said, I got off track for a while. I began thinking that this blog could be the answer to all my financial worries (and yes, we all have them!).  I started partnering with big-time bloggers and started using expensive programs and all the things that are “typical” for blogs to make you a salary.  And then, you know what I found?  I found out that unless I was going to commit several hours each day and week, I wasn’t going to make a salary off my blog.  But more importantly, I found out that my soul wasn’t happy trying to add that kind of time into my already busy schedule.  I found out that I felt pressured to write and turn out new posts way more often than I was inspired to write. I started hearing from people that they were getting too much email from One Ash Homestead.  I began to see my blog, my mission field, as a job rather than a fulfilling, soul quenching reward.

Now, don’t fret- I’m not going to stop writing my blog! But I have made the decision to stop using those expensive programs. What does that mean for you? That means you will need to re-subscribe to the free email notifications to continue seeing my posts.  I am convicted to write only when truly inspired, not just to turn out content to make money.  So there may be times when you don’t hear from me for a week, or there may be times when I write every day. You’ll still see some ads (to curb some of the necessary blog cost), and when I include an affiliate link or review, you can be sure it’s because I use or value the product and simply want you to know about it.  You can also  be assured that I am writing from my heart, and writing because I want to share with you and help you learn. After all, in this life sharing with others is about all we have.  So I am leaving those expensive programs, and replacing them with a new version.  You will be lost as a subscriber to my emails if you don’t sign up again.  I hope that you will re-subscribe and continue to follow along as I share, one life experience at a time. 

Because of my conviction, I am changing the subscriber service that I’ve been using.  

That means that to keep seeing my posts, you need to re-subscribe to One Ash Homestead.  Thank you for your loyalty-  

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6 thoughts on “Why I Write This Blog

  1. Suzy Lowry Geno says:

    I think I have resubscribed but I am not sure! I have been a writer for more than 35 years (most of those years as an investigative newspaper reporter) but for the last 10 years writing several articles & now a regular monthly column for our state’s ag magazine…you have learned a very valuable lesson…there is way more to life than money (although I sure wish I had enough at least to keep my bills paid :) but writing MUST come from the heart if it is to help anyone and YOU ARE HELPING OTHER! Keep writing! I am glad you will continue!!! I have turned down many opportunities that were all about “money” because they wouldn’t have let me continue with my “simple” life on this little homestead….you are on the right track & I am proud of you!!!

  2. Lyn says:

    dear Lee Ann
    thank you for writing your blog. Mission fields are so important and following what God has put on your heart is what you should be doing. thank you for the encouragement . many blessing
    I have re-subcribed

  3. I did much the same in the spring, wiping out my old blog and starting with a new domain and renewed purpose. I’m grateful for the bloggers who blog about blogging and what they’ve taught me but it’s not something I want to do as a career. I’ve backed off my blog while I write a book but I’m still here loving yours and subscribing through Feedly. I’m honestly glad you’re stepping back to do what you enjoy.

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