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I can barely remember a year when we haven’t grown a garden during the summer months.  Somehow it just seems like a natural thing to do in the spring- get outside, dig around in the dirt, plant some seeds or seedlings, and watch the miracle of them turning into delicious, fresh food for our table.  

In the recent past, we have made the garden(s) bigger and bigger each year.  But now that Mr. One Ash and I are empty-nesters, we have had to rethink how much we can physically (and mentally!) accomplish between the two of us.  This year we have made the decision to pare down the size of the main garden and really focus on just what we will enjoy eating, and taking care of.   And we are finding that it is FUN!  Instead of being a whole lot of work and a part of a daily “checklist of to-do’s”, we are really enjoying planting, weeding and watering our simple garden. We know that we are going to produce enough fresh veggies for us to enjoy all summer, and probably plenty to share with friends. And we are finding  joy in knowing how each plant is growing and thriving.  As we progress in this new chapter of our life, we are coming to believe that less really is more.  When you live life in excess, there is no enjoying each and every thing.  Excess leads to busyness, and busyness takes you away from the moment of life that you are experiencing.  The simplicity of less brings happiness, less stress, and a feeling of contentment.  So we will treasure our simple garden this year and look forward to the lessons we continue to learn in this life!

Will you grow a garden this year?  If so, make sure you are truly enjoying it!

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Our Simple Garden is just getting started, but we’ve got tomatoes, radishes, corn, green beans, peppers, basil, rosemary and zinnias all doing well!

 (you may have read our previous post A Garden in the Pig Pen– we did plant some of the larger garden plants there (squash, watermelon and green beans- but it is a “natural” garden that will grow with little intervention from us!)

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