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Anyone who’s been following my blog for a few years knows that I love all things Amish! One thing I appreciate most is the abilities that the Amish people have to work with their hands. I have found that they are so diligent and detailed in their craft work. I am often in awe of the abilities they have and are able to pass down through the generations. There has been no exception to this awe when it comes to the basket that I have received from www.Amish baskets.com. AmishBaskets.com is the online marketplace featuring handwoven baskets that are being lovingly created by three Old Order Amish families in the heartland of the U,S,,  These wonderful families  are working to keep this tradition of basket-making alive and are passing it on to future generations through this online store.

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 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a basket  quite as beautiful as this one that I recently received from Amish baskets.com.  When the package was delivered I  couldn’t believe the size of the box- this is a big basket!  My first impression when I opened the box was “oh my goodness”! I couldn’t believe the quality of this item that I had been sent. As I removed the basket I began to examine the workmanship and the care in crafting that had been put into this basket.  I was instantly impressed with the leather handles and the absolutely perfect shade of wine colored fabric liner.  Inside I was surprised to see the pie holder-  it made me want to carry a pie to a friend! The stain of the the wood, and the perfect fit of both the lid and the pie holder add to the excellence of this picnic basket.  And, as if all of this quality wasn’t enough, I turned the basket over to find the signature of the family who had crafted my basket!  Again, I am in awe over the detailed work from this family.

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As the basket sits on the hearth of my fireplace in the family room I am constantly amazed at the quality and the generations of talent behind this item.  I’ll post some pictures here so that you can all see the beauty of this fabulous picnic or pie basket. Take a look at the website for Amish baskets.com.  There are many other styles that are available- everything from laundry baskets and toilet paper holders, to bike baskets and pet beds.  I can’t wait to take Mr. One Ash, a quilt, and a wonderful homemade picnic in this basket  to the lake where we can enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon!

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Thank you to the Troyer Family, and AmishBaskets.com for giving me this opportunity to share their incredible products.  I hope you will go visit their site and enjoy purchasing a basket for yourself or as a gift!  

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