Patterns of Evidence: Exodus review



You hear it all the time nowadays- “how can you prove the bible is true?”. Have you ever personally questioned the story of Exodus in the bible? How many times have you thought, “I’m just not so sure about this”?  This movie will shatter all of your doubts and arm you with information to prove to others that our bible tells only the truth.

Patterns of Evidence:Exodus is the long and tedious work of filmmaker Timothy Mahoney. In 2002 Mr. Mahoney set out on his 12 year journey to Egypt to prove that the Exodus story is real.  During his journey he uncovered years worth of evidence to prove the truth of the story of the Exodus. This detailed and specific information comes from his interviews with experts in the field and extensive research all used to create an absolutely amazing 200 year time line that puts together the pieces of history and truth. This compelling documentary will engage and inspire you. In a time when our society is looking for every way possible to disprove the validity of the Bible, this is a much needed and appreciated documentation of the story of Exodus

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