Top 10 Gifts for the Homesteader Hubby

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This AMAZING list of the Top 10 Gifts for your Homesteader hubby will help you find the perfect gift!  It was easy for me to come up with some of them, but Mr. One Ash had a big hand in helping create this list.  Some of these things may just surprise you!  Click on any of the highlighted links to go read more about the items, and more!  Happy Homestead shopping!

  1. Cordless Tool Kits–  This was the first thing Mr. One Ash thought of! The only way to fix a fence, mend a barn door, or build a coop is to have great tools.  A basic cordless tool kit is one of the best ways to start setting up the homesteaders shop! 
  2. Chain Saw- Gas Driven–  Living on a homestead means it’s inevitable that a tree will fall, firewood needs to be cut, or a fence post will need cutting.  A gas driven chain saw is the go-to tool for those kind of chores!  And don’t forget the chain oil and engine oilProduct Details
  3. Tool Belt–  You may think these are just for construction work, but how many times does your man get out to the field and need you to go back to the shed to get something he forgot for the project?!  Having a belt like this one, strong and leather, can save you both time and frustration (does it sound like I’m talking from experience?!  😉  ).  Just load it up with the tools, screws and nails for the project and get to work!  Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron, Oil-Tanned Split with Leather Belt, 12-Pocket
  4. Log Rack, with Cover–  most Homesteaders use a decent amount of firewood during the winter months.  And your hubby probably stacks and gathers it so the wood is nice and seasoned, dry and ready to burn.  This rack will help him keep the wood organized, and the cover will help keep it dry!  (there are various sizes and versions of this when you click the links!) The Woodhaven 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover
  5. Home Brew Kit–  at the end of the day, your homesteader man probably wants to relax, and enjoy a hobby. Creating his own home brew can be fun and delicious!  A starter kit like this one gets him going.  And here’s a book to help guide him!
  6. Muck Boots–  oh, baby, it’s dirty out there, and a good pair of waterproof muck boots are a necessity!  Product Details
  7. Reference Books– there are a LOT of books to choose from for homesteaders, but Traditional American Farming Techniques has been a favorite of Mr. One Ash for years.  This has everything from how to build a coop to what to feed your pig!  
  8. Oil Lamps and Lanterns– These are great lighting sources both inside and outside.  A good old fashioned Dietz Lantern is a perfect companion when headed to the barn at night! 
  9. Poultry Net Electric Fencing– this is the EASIEST way to fence off an area and contain chickens and other light animals.  Homestead hubby’s appreciate the ease of installation and ability to move this around!  Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence, 48"H x 164L, Double Spiked, WhitePremier Top Seller
  10. Overalls– who can work the farm without the right clothing?!  A good pair of overalls will be durable and perfect for working hard on the homestead!  (and the insulated kind are super warm!)Product Details

We hope this helps you on your quest for the perfect gift for your Homesteader hubby!  Happy Homestead shopping! 

~this post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  any purchases made through clicking on these links results in a small commission for us, which keeps the blog going.  so, thank you!

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