Top 10 Gifts for the Homesteader Wife

The Holidays Are Over...Now What-

Okay, so you’ve been looking for the “perfect” gift for the lady Homesteader in your life?  Well, I’m helping you out with this AWESOME list of the Top 10 Gifts for the Homestead Wife (not in any particular order).  Just click on the highlighted links to head over to the spot where you can read more about these must-have items! And ladies……this is a great one to share with your hubbies!  😉

  1.  Manual Food Processor-  this is the greatest thing- and it uses no electricity!  So simple to use, store and clean. And it will chop, blend, whip, mix, slice, shred, julienne, and juice.  This is a must have for the homesteaders kitchen! 

  2.  Oil Lamps–  This is a given out on the homestead!  I mean, what if the power goes out and there are no lights? Oil Lamps are the easiest way to make sure the family can still see.  Plus, they’re just really cool to have sitting around!  And don’t forget the lamp oil and lighters!  

  3.  Butter Churn– Not all, but many homesteaders milk a dairy animal.  So of course they want to make fresh, home churned butter!  There’s nothing better than this little churn to make you feel accomplished!  And don’t forget the butter paddles and butter keeper!
  4. For the wild side, how about a Distiller?!  Oh, wait now, this isn’t just for making moonshine.  While it would do that quite well, your homesteader lady can also learn how to distill essential oils and create her own perfumes and medicinal ingredients (here’s a book to help her out!) .  I have to admit, this is one of those “dream” items for me, so I had to include it!  
  5. Canning Pots–  This is one of the most basic must-haves on the Homestead.  Growing and canning your own food is not only rewarding and fun, it’s very beneficial for maintaining all the goodness of home grown produce and meats.  The canning pot is the place to get started!  This one comes with a nice starting supply of utensils needed, too!  
  6. Pressure Canner–  To safely can vegetables and meats, a pressure canner is required.  While there are a lot to choose from, the All American 21 1/2 qt. is really the cream of the crop.  Any homesteader wife would be thrilled to receive this as a gift!  And don’t forget the canning jars (wide mouth quart jars are my go-to!)
  7. Books-  I don’t know a single homesteader who doesn’t have a pretty decent library of reference books!  There are a boat-load to choose from, but I think my all time favorite is The Encyclopedia of Country Living.  And this year they have released the 40th Anniversary Edition.  You should also check out the entire FoxFire series!  
  8. Cast Iron Pans– There is nothing like cooking in cast iron!  A well seasoned cast iron pan is easier to cook in, and easier to clean than any other kind of pan.  This set of Lodge Cast Iron Pans is perfect for getting started with cast iron!  
  9. Crock Pot-  I know, this doesn’t seem so “homestead-y”, but we are BUSY on our homesteads!  And some days it’s a struggle to get a hot meal on the table.  A crock pot is the easiest way to ensure there’s a good meal, even when all the 4-legged critters have taken up all the time in the day! 
  10. Rubber Muck Boots–  Oh, it gets messy out there!  Especially when it rains.  Every homesteader needs a good pair of rubber muck boots like these!  The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot,Black,Men's 10 M US / Women's 11 M US

We all know that a homestead requires a lot.  Hopefully this list helps narrow it down as you find gifts for the Homesteader Wife in your life!!!!  

~this post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  any purchases made through these link result in a small commission for us, and that helps keep the blog going.  so, thank you!

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