Missing Isaac- Book Review



The South in the 1960’s…….we saw it on TV, in magazines and Readers Digest. Everyone heard about the marches, the protests, and the turmoil that was happening. What we didn’t hear about was the personal struggles of the people to settle into the changing social structure.  Missing Isaac, by new author Valerie Fraser Luesse, takes us into the world of these personal struggles. Deep in the heart of Dixie,  the black field hand Isaac and his wealthy white friend Pete take their small town of Glory, Alabama into this new era. When Isaac goes missing, Pete barrels through social norms to seek out his friend. All the while changing himself and the people around him.  This debut book by Valerie Fraser Luesse appropriately sets the story in small town, Southern Baptist  south, and paints a story picture that will draw you in from page one.  Missing Isaac is a five star book, in my opinion, and one that will teach and entertain. 

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