The Holidays Are Over…Now What?

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The Holidays Are Over...Now What-

Some of you may be thinking Spring is right around the corner, but then you have another gloomy winter day (like what is happening here today!).  These winter months are what make us appreciate spring once it arrives! This oldie-but-goodie post may give you some ideas on how to be productive in these “hibernation” months before spring. Enjoy!

No matter how simple Christmas has been, most all of us experience a little melancholy feeling once it’s over.  The fun of hearing Christmas carols on the radio, the joyful feeling when you see decorations, the search for a new cookie recipe, hearing the Christmas story at church…..whatever it is that makes December days just a little bit different than the rest of the year.  So the holidays are over and we are headed toward the new year- now what?

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions- I really believe they are a set up for disappointment.   I do like to use the next couple of months (the hibernation months, as I like to call them!), a couple of hours a day,  to get caught up and do some of those things I have been putting off.  Here’s a list of some of the things I’ll be working on the next couple of months- how will you use your hibernation time?




1) Organize My Recipes. I cut, printed and tore out a lot of great recipes this fall. Unfortunately they are all thrown inside a folder and very frustrating to look through.  My goal is simple- just to get them organized by meal type.

2) Go Through My Library. I love to read, but the books are piled up, stacked sideways and hidden behind each other.  Many of the books were great “one time reads”, but not necessarily something I would read again. I plan to go through them and bless others with books they may be interested in, donate to our church, or take them to the used book store for trade in.

3) Touch Up Paint. Living in an old house, we have lots of painted surfaces.   I love color and I love the paint, but it does chip and scratch.  This will be a great time to get out the paint and touch up brushes. 

4) “Spring” Cleaning. No, it’s definitely not spring, but around the homestead spring is way too busy with outdoor activities to try to clean! We will use our hibernation months to wash walls, doors, window sills, clean carpets and baseboards and wash curtains and blinds. 

5) Donate Unused Christmas Decorations. If you are like us, those Christmas boxes have things that haven’t been out for years.  Some of them are sentimental, but others are things that we just plain don’t like anymore.  Before we put away this years decor, we will pull out and donate those items. A little time now will make next year much more organized.

6) Revisit Our Media. This is the same as with the books in our library.   Lots of dvds and even vcr tapes that we just wouldn’t watch again.  If we know someone who would enjoy them we will bless them with a gift, but if not they will be donated or sold.

7)  Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers. After all the cooking the past couple of months, we need to pull everything out of the kitchen cabinets, wash them out and lay down new shelf paper.  We will move the Christmas platters and plates to the back corners.  What a fresh and clean kitchen we will have going into spring!

8) Clean Out the Freezers. For food safety reasons, this isn’t something I am comfortable doing when its hot, so I plan to use one of our coldest days to pull everything out of the freezers and scrape and clean them.

9) Organize Pictures. The majority of my pictures now are digital, but they are in multiple locations, on multiple devices, and not well organized.  And I know I have way to many that just need to be discarded.  For some reason this task seems more difficult than all the others put together,  but I know that it only gets worse as time goes by. 

10) Revisit My Routines. For the most part I feel like my days are full and my time is well spent.  But I want to make sure that I always keep time built into my day for reading the word of God and listening to His direction.  If it means I get up a little earlier, or go to bed a little later,  then those are changes that I need to make for my spiritual health.  It’s important for me to remember that quiet time is just as important as busy time.

I hope this has sparked some ideas for you about how to use your “hibernation” months!  Coming soon? Spring chores around the homestead!


5 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Over…Now What?

  1. My favorite time to spring clean is early January. After I put away the few decorations I display for Christmas I start going through every room and closet one at a time. I just finished up on Monday and had a truckload of things that could be donated. It is so freeing for me to declutter my life and look forward to the new year ahead!

  2. Hi Tracy.
    I agree with you about the New Year Resolutions. I love your tips what do to during the Winter months – Winter is a great time to do spring cleaning and clean out old drawers and such. In the spring there is way too much to do outside to be trying to clean. Thanks for sharing on tips.

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