How to Wash Your Miniblinds

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This is an old post, but I thought it might help now that it’s spring cleaning time!
Mini Blinds seem to be one of the most common window coverings, and also one of the most difficult to keep clean.  You can buy those “finger” dusters that you run over each piece of the blind, and that tedious process does a pretty good job of removing the dust. You can try to vacuum the blind, but that really doesn’t get in all the corners.  So what do you do when that mini blind is in need of a 
really good cleaning that only washing will take care of?  
Here is how I wash my mini blinds to keep them sparkling and white.

How To Wash Your MiniBlinds
1) Pull the mini blind all the way up so it is as small as possible.
2) Remove the mini blind from its holder and head outside.
3) Using your clothesline, and clothespins, pin your mini blind along the top edge,
using the “lip” on both the clothes pin and the top of the blind to “lock it in” and connect it
securely to the clothesline.  Use plenty of clothespins!  You don’t want your
blind to end up on the ground, dirtier than when you started! 
Gently lower the blind to the fully open position.  
4) Once your blind is hanging securely, spray it thoroughly, from both sides with 
a cleaner of your choice.  This could be a homemade cleaner of vinegar and 
water, or a commercial window type cleaner.  It’s important to spray from 
both sides to get all of the edges of the slats. 
 Remember to spray the strings as well.
5) Let the spray sit while you go get the hose and turn the water on.  You won’t
need a lot of pressure because you are just rinsing, and you don’t want
to knock the blind down from the line!
6) Rinse the entire blind well and allow it to air dry.
7) To take the blind down, gently raise it back to its closed position. Be careful to drain
out any water remaining in the top ridge and wipe that area with a clean cloth.  
8) Take your blind back inside and re-install.


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  1. You should always remember that when washing wood blinds, you shouldn't over saturate the wood. You should wipe the excess water off immediately to avoid discoloring. Also, it is good to vacuum blinds often with a brush attachment, but you should do it across the slats and not up and down.

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